The best-specialized center in Turkey for hair transplantation and cosmetic dentistry

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The best specialized center in Turkey for hair transplantation and plastic surgeries

Our center Fixhair Istanbul can be a trusted center with the best reputation, between all hospitals and centers of hair transplantation field and in plastic surgeries in general due to the plan that made from the first day to establish the center that depends on searching for the best techniques all over the world, with the most experienced doctors, in addition to nursing staff with the highest level of training and proficiency.

Our success is in providing hair transplantation and plastic surgeries services in Turkey did not come out of anywhere, but with long experience through thousands of successful surgeries that we provided to patients from the ocean to the gulf, and we made our way to globalization very easily, and we have customers from most countries who prefer our center because of its experience, hygiene, and technology with suitable price.

زراعة الشعر في تركيا - استرجع خسارتك لسنوات في 7 ساعات فقط

Restore your lost years in 7 hours only

Why Fixhair Center?

تقنيات زراعة شعر ناجحة بدون ألم

Successful pain-free hair transplant techniques

restore your youth-look by the hands of the most efficient doctor for few hours to be more youthful and boost your confidence, with simple surgery to transplant your hair through the painless and latest technology.

تقويم وتجميل الأسنان باحترافية

Professional orthodontic and cosmetic dentistry

Your smile is the secret of your beauty and affects on other, and this smile must be shiny like Hollywood stars to be more effective, we make to you this smile with cosmetic dentistry procedure, teeth whitening, and suitable orthodontics.

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